Have you ever taken a video during a concert or an event without a tripod and wished your hands were more stable? Well you probably can’t repeat that moment anymore but you can apply a bit of post-production edits to it. If you save your photos and videos on Google Photos (as you probably should), you don’t need to download another app as the latest update now comes with video stabilization features. And a teardown of the APK also indicates that soon there might be Google+ integration within the app.

The stabilization feature is actually pretty easy and painless to use, especially if you have a smartphone that has good processing power. Open the shaky video you want to stabilize on the Google Photos viewer. Tap the pen icon and then you’ll see the Stabilize button at the bottom left. When you tap it, you’ll see a progress bar to show you the, well, progress, of the video processing. How long it will take depends on the video duration, resolution, frame rate, etc. There might be some cropping since we’re dealing with electric stabilization, but you can compare the difference between the original and the stabilized video.

As you know, the folks over at Android Police enjoy a good APK teardown, and this time, what they discovered is that there might be Google+ integration coming to Google Photos soon. While the social network is always the butt of jokes, there are still loyal users who might find its sharing capabilities useful, if it does happen. We still have no idea what Google plans to do with Google+ since they seem to be spinning off various features of it into brand new products.

But since the integration hasn’t been confirmed yet, what you can enjoy when you update the Google Photos app is the aforementioned stabilization. So say goodbye to your shaky videos and wait for a possible Google+ integration for now.

VIA: Android Police


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