If you have multiple accounts for Google Photos, switching between them is now easier with the latest update they’re releasing. You will now just need some gestures to be able to switch easily between the accounts similar to what they introduced to Google Drive and Gmail previously. The update also brings a “Skipped suggestions” section so you can access the previously suggested collages or clip videos that you ignored or, well, skipped. As with a lot of Google updates, this one is just slowly rolling out to users.

XDA Developer says the swipe gesture switch was previously tested on Google Photos after rolling out to other Google apps but now users that have received the latest update can “enjoy” using it for real. You just have to swipe up or down in the user avatar on the upper right corner to be able to switch to all of the Google accounts that you’re currently logged in on your device. This is actually part of the Material Theme design and replaces the overflow menu that was previously there.

Your user avatar also now shows your upload progress with a blue circle and up arrow. If you don’t have any photos on your device that you haven’t backed up to your Google Photos, then you will see the circle turn green and get a checkmark. This makes it easier than having to constantly swipe down and see if there are photos that are not yet on your cloud server. However, you won’t see the number of photos or videos that need to be backed up.

The update also gives you a “Skipped Suggestion” section. If you previously skipped or ignored one of those collages or video clips that Photos suggested but then later on remembered that you actually want to save that, just go to that section to see the history of all these automatic creations that you previously accidentally or intentionally dismissed. Then you can “restore” that creation and save or share.

The update to Google Photos seems to be server-side right now but you may still update to the latest version just to be sure. Hopefully, more improvements like this will come to what has been called (arguably) as Google’s best app.