We’ve all been there before. At a very crucial point, sometimes with a never can be repeated moment, you take a picture with your smartphone and it replies with the “Storage Full” notification. Tears and frustration and even anger were expressed, but sometimes, you can never recapture that instant, and you spend agonizing minutes deleting photos that you wanted to keep, just to take more photos. Google Photos has just release a new video showing those “Dang it!” moments to promote its “Free Up Space” feature so you’ll never have that problem again.

Actually, this feature has been around for a few months now. It was earlier this year when Google Photos added the “Free Up Space” feature so that those who take a lot of photos and have just a small internal storage (and even microSD storage) space on their devices will be able to, as the feature name says, free up space on their smartphone. The photos and videos that you take are automatically uploaded to your Google Photos service. Once it has finished backing it up on the cloud, it will then delete the photos on your device to make room for more photos in the future.

It looks like Google feels like you’re not paying that much attention to this feature and so they decided to highlight it with this amusing video that also feels very real. Using the hashtag #PhotosForLife, Google Photos tweeted out the 1-minute video to promote the Free Up Space option and also to convince you to back up your photos on its cloud.

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While some would prefer to still have their photos stored locally, saving it on your cloud storage of choice is pretty safe, in case you lose your device or it malfunctions or you accidentally delete all your photos there. Google Photos seems to be one of the best around and you have sort of “unlimited” space up there on your cloud.

SOURCE: Google Photos