The Google Photos app/service began its life as a humble part of the Google+ social platform, but don’t look now, it’s actually celebrating its first year as a standalone cloud-based photo storage service. Google has some great numbers to look back on after a year of standalone existence, most notably 200 million users and counting. With this, Google plans to expand its feature in the upcoming v1.21 of Google Photos.

The Google Photos app/cloud-based service is not one of the flashiest apps Google has, but it certainly is effective. Google Photos was launched for both Android and iOS in May of last year, as well as getting a web version. In that time until these days, it has gotten a user base of 200 million, getting its first 100 million in a span of just 5 months. In total, Google Photos has freed up a whopping 13.7 petabytes (a petabyte is 1,000 terabytes) for free users.


And if you want to get excited for Google Photos these days, we have great news for you. A bunch of new features are coming to the app, starting from v1.21. At the top of this is an offer of free “original quality” backups of photos and videos for Nexus device users. Currently, pictures are resized to (a still very large) 16MP resolution if originals files exceed that. Now, Nexus device users will have unlimited free storage in original resolution, especially if your device takes pictures in larger than 16MP resolution.

Other new features will include new sorting methods for pictures within an album – options include newest first, oldest first, and recently added. You will also be getting new editing options for Google Photos, with Contrast and Exposure controls coming.

VIA: SlashGear | Android Police