You may not like Google Photos very much right now because they said they’re taking away your unlimited storage next year but for now, it’s still your go-to photo storage and free editing app if you haven’t searched for a replacement just yet. They’re now introducing new collage designs so you can show off some of your photos together. These new designs are automatically created for you right now and can be found in the Recent Highlights section at the top of your app.

Google Photos announced last week the existence of these new collage designs and now they’re finally rolling out for more accounts. Basically, you get something that they automatically generate to put together photos that may have been taken on the same date and place or with similar backgrounds, etc. They’re put into new collage designs that have seemingly doodle backgrounds and is more easily shareable on social media.

Instead of just getting the usual white borders and frames that you previously get from collages on the app, you get a blackboard background with chalk frames, giving off a polaroid feel. Some users also reported getting a brighter background and your photos looking like physical ones that were put on top of the “paper”, like an actual collage. This makes the photo collages more shareable and you don’t even have to make much of an effort.

However, these new designs are not showing up yet on the manual collage designs. You can only see them on your Recent Highlights and they’re automatically generated. When you try to create a collage by selecting multiple photos and tapping on the plus button, you still get the traditional aforementioned white frames that everyone is probably familiar with. We don’t know if the new collage designs would ever become manual options.

The update on Google Photos seems to be server-side so you’ll have to wait for it to get to your account. You can still try to update your app to the latest version just in case it shows up faster.