If you still haven’t jumped into the bandwagon, now is the time as Google Photos has been advertising one of its bestselling feature. The service is said be an effective space-freer because anyone can quickly backup photos on the cloud. It has been around since last year and we know it’s been updated with better features and enhanced performance. With Google Photos, you are free to take more photos and not worry about having to free up space because device storage is always full.

Backup. Storage. Backup. More Storage. That’s what Google wants you to have with this service. An ad was recently published on YouTube to show how it can be useful with the automatic backup feature.

Not that we don’t know what Google Photos can offer but this one demonstrates how it is important. This hilarious ad is perfect just in time for summer when people are all excited to go the beach or jump into the pool. Sometimes, you can all get carried away and too excited that you forget that you still have your precious phone with you. Honestly, our first reaction was to suggest that the guy gets a water-resistant phone but this is Google Photos we’re talking about.

Google Photos Automatic Backup 2

Google is telling us to backup and to make things easier, download Google Photos to make it automatic so even if your phone gets wet or gets busted, you still have copies of those captured memories in the cloud.

Download Google Photos from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google