If you’ve been using Google Photos for years now, you were probably a bit confused when Google launched its digital assistant called Google Assistant since you already had an Assistant in your app. And new users to the photo app were also probably confused thinking the two were the same even though they are actually two different things. Well now finally the confusion will end as Google is finally changing that Assistant tab in Google Photos to just “For You”.

At the bottom of the screen of your Google Photos app, you usually see four tabs: Photos, Albums, Assistant, and Sharing. Android Police saw some Google Support documents showing that they’re finally modifying and renaming all references to the Assistant on the app to “For You”. Many users have been confused with seeing the word “Assistant” on the app when they immediately associate it with the more ubiquitous digital assistant.

The built-in Assistant on Photos suggests photo collages and animations when it notices that you’re taking photos from the same place or the same event. It also makes movies and albums for special occasions and make suggestions like archiving photos of documents and receipts which you probably don’t need anyway. But it does get confusing when you think that it’s the same Assistant that does other things for you on your device.

Some users are seeing the change already on their mobile app. For the web version, the photos.google.com/foryou is already working but if you’ll notice, the tab hasn’t been renamed yet. Aside from the renaming part, there doesn’t seem to be any change to the functionality of the Assistant, or we mean, For You. It still has the same suggested cards and you still can accept or dismiss them easily.

If you’re not seeing this change yet, don’t worry, it seems to be on a slow roll-out to users. Google Maps is another app that has a For You tab on the app so we might be seeing this change in other Google apps as well.