The Google Photos app has been changing the digital lives of a lot of people. Since its launch over a year ago, the app has received several updates already. The last one was released a few days ago bringing faster sharing and allowing animations online. Before that update, Google Photos also let users create memories, highlights, animations, and rotations.

No doubt that Google Photos is now your default home and storage for all your photos and videos. It’s always a good idea to store those digital images for posterity’s sake but for those old prints at home, maybe it’s time that you think about restoring them and finally saving them online. Google isn’t only concerned with the process of storing them online. With Google Photos, you can easily digitize those old photos. A new app know as PhotoScan has just been introduced, allowing you to scan any photo.

No need to buy a bulky scanner just to turn those old photos into digital files. PhotoScan will make it easy for anyone to “scan”, organize, share, and back up old photos from your childhood. All you need to do is take a photo of the photo and then wait for the app to edit it a bit. PhotoScan will remove the glare and blur found in the images for a clearer quality. The app can also automatically crop the image for you.

Simply put, this PhotoScan app is a scanner app that offers auto enhancements with the advanced editing tools to improve saturation and balancing exposure. It features 12 filters and styles that can be applied with different warmth, darkness, brightness, and saturation. You can also adjust the image with the Light and Color and Deep Blue controls.

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