Photo Sphere is a feature that was introduced with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Basically that means only a limited amount of users are able to capture Photo Sphere images at the moment. Not to mention, the options and places to view these images has also rather limited. In the past, Photo Sphere viewing was previously limited to Google+ pages, the device that took the picture and on Google Maps (provided they were uploaded).

As of today however, it looks like Photo Sphere images can now be seen on any website. This process is handled with a bit of JavaScript code and the Google+ API. The code will need to be placed on the website where you plan to have your Photo Sphere images viewable. The trick is, the images themselves are not actually hosted on your website.

Instead, the images will still need to be uploaded to Google+ or Picasa first. Google has provided a detailed set of directions on the Developers pages, those can be found here. Google also provided a working example of how these images will appear to visitors and that page can be seen here.

Bottom line, while this doesn’t mean more people will be able to capture these images, this update will make them easier to show off. Finally, those who simply want to browse around and check out a wide variety of Photo Sphere images may want to check out the Google Maps Street View page.

[via Google+]