When Google Photos launched a service last year called Photo Books which allowed you to have your photos printed into a, well, photo book, we knew it was only a matter of time before it would expand to other markets. Well it took them almost more than a year but now it’s also available in the UK and France after launching last week in Germany. Despite everyone going digital, the demand for printed photos is still pretty high, as evidenced by the proliferation of services like this as well as portable photo printers from Canon, Fuji, etc.

This service from Google is pretty convenient and useful especially if all your photos are stored on Google Photos anyway. Through the web version or the mobile app, you can choose the photos that you want to add to your album or you can take the advice of Google which will suggest albums that you may want to print, whether it’s your recent birthday party or a trip you took this summer.

The service also has tools that will help you remove duplicates or low-quality photos. You can make a few tweaks yourself before you finalize the album that you want to print. You can print as many as 100 photos, but the 20-page soft cover book will cost you £11.99 while the hardcover version will cost you £22.99.

If you haven’t gotten into the whole backing up your photos on Google Photos, you should really try it out. Not only can you make space on your mobile device by just saving them on the cloud, it also has a lot of tools that should help you edit, share, and organize the probably gazillion of photos that you take and save. It has also gotten better in detecting people and objects in your photos so searching through all of them is a breeze.

But if printing out your photos into albums is your jam, then the Google Photo Books will also be a handy tool. However, only those living in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, and France will be able to enjoy this service.

SOURCE: Google