Some people may not care about this but the Google Phone just got an important update. The last one was back in February when a chat head was added for faster in-call controls. All Google-branded phones such as the Pixel, Android, and the Nexus are getting this round of update before a new beta program is released. The Google Phone dialer is the default dialer app on the said phones. You are free to use or disable it but as with many other Android apps, this one has a bunch of helpful features like spam filtering.

Instead of you receiving and having to answer a spam call, the app will automatically send the call to your voicemail. You won’t hear a ring but you will see new entries in your call history. There won’t be incoming notification or interruption either so you need to check your history after some time.

The changes will be ready for ALL Google Phone dialer users via an app update. A beta version is available so feel free to try it. The app may still be buggy so be patient. If you see any issues or encounter problems, just let the Google developers know so they can quickly provide solutions.

Download Phone from the Google Play Store

VIA: 9TO5Google