Most of us have probably been in this scenario at one point in time. A business keeps calling you about something they’re selling or marketing to you and you keep telling them you’re not interested. You’re sometimes tempted to play back a recording of previous conversations just to get them to stop. Well it looks like the Google Phone app is working on an automatic recording feature for calls that you’ll receive from unknown numbers. As to whether this can stop spam calls is another matter.

According to an APK Insight post by 9 to 5 Google on the Google Phone app, a future update will enable a feature that will allow you to enable automatic call recordings. It’s of course not for all the calls you receive but only for certain scenarios. Currently, you will have to turn on the call recording feature for each call that you receive. But if this update rolls out, the call recording will automatically start when a call comes in from a number that is not saved in your contacts.

Just like with the current call recording, it will play a recorded message that will inform both participants in the call that they are being recorded. Parties will be “notified ahead of time” that the current call is being recorded and it is up to the user to “follow the laws about recording conversations. These recordings are also stored only on the user’s device and not sent to Google’s servers or anything. Call recording will not work if  you don’t have space on your device of course.

This feature will be pretty useful for those spam callers or telemarketers as some may hesitate to continue the call once they know they’re being recorded. You can also use this as “evidence” in case you decide to pursue action against certain businesses that keep spamming you. Of course these are pretty unlikely things to happen (them to stop calling you or you filing a complaint) but at least you’ll have back up evidence just in case.

These code strings were seen in the Google Phone version 59 app but of course it’s unsure if it will actually be released as a feature. They also saw a string that will bring a new “delete all” button for your call recordings. Let’s see if they get released eventually.


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