At one point or another in your adult life, you’ve probably experienced this. You’re doing something important like a writing sprint or a difficult report for work or school when suddenly your smartphone rings. You look at it and you don’t know the number so you probably won’t answer it. But what if it’s that phone call from the bank or that delivery service and you need to take it? So you answer it but it turns out to be a call center trying to sell you something or a database company trying to get your details? These spam calls are some of the most annoying things ever, but fortunately, Google has some new features to help you deal with it through its Phone app.

The Google Phone app replaces your default caller app on your Android device and you will need to switch to that as your default to be able to use this feature. It has a Caller ID and spam protection built-in, and this is already turned on by default. It will then show you information about the people calling you and if it’s businesses, it will also reflect there even if they’re not in your contacts list. That also means you’ll get warnings if the caller is listed as a potential spam caller as per their database and information. Your phone however will need to send information to Google about your calls in order to build this spam database if you may.

Now if you’re confident that the numbers marked as spam are really just that, you can actually turn on the filter that will stop them from even ringing your number. Just go to the Phone app, tap the three dots, go to settings, and then the caller ID & Spam section. Obviously you have to turn it on. Then you’ll see the “Filter suspected spam calls” option and you’ll have to turn that on as well.

What happens now is that whenever someone that’s marked as spam will call you, you will not receive the call or even a notification that you missed a call. The call will go straight to voice mail and if they choose to, they can still leave you a voice mail. In case you also think a legit call may have been marked as spam, you can still check out the calls that have been blocked through your call history and then listen to any voicemails left to you.

In case there’s a number that still goes through your calls, you can mark them as spam, therefore giving Google the information for future reference. Go to your recent calls and the number that you want to report as spam. Go to the Block / report spam option and you’ll be asked if you want to report it and block it. If you have the aforementioned filter turned on, you’ll never receive a notification that this number is calling you. And you also helped identify the number as spam so you helped future “victims” from that company.

SOURCE: Google