Pixel owners have been enjoying their Phone app with its Google design and features like Call Screen. The question for other Android users were would they ever release it for smartphones by other OEMs. Well, now we sort of have our answer as the app can now be installed on most Android users. It’s still in the beta phase though so you’ll have to enroll in the program. And unfortunately, while the design and basic features are carried over, there seems to still be a lot missing.

The Phone app is pretty popular among Pixel users but when it suddenly appeared on the Google Play Store, non-Pixel users started becoming excited. It looked like they were going to make it available for other Android devices as well. Now it can be confirmed that the latest Google Phone app Beta from the Google Play Store can be installed on a lot more devices including Samsung and OnePlus phones among others.

However, according to Android Police, there are a couple of caveats. For one, you won’t be able to easily search for it on the Google Play Store for some reason. So if you want to install it on your device or at least try it out, you’ll have to do so through a direct link for now. The other thing is that it’s still in the beta version so you’ll have to enroll or opt-in to the program if you want to be able to use it on your non-Pixel device.

It also doesn’t seem to have all of the features that we’ve seen in the Pixel smartphones running the Phone app. You can do the basics like making and receiving calls. But other much-loved features like the all-important Call Screen which is pretty important now when we keep getting all these spammy robocalls. We don’t know if eventually, they’ll bring that feature over to other devices but hopefully, the answer is yes.

If you like Google’s software design, then the Phone app should be right up your alley even without the special Pixel features. Click this link to be able to see if it’s actually compatible to your phone. Remember though, you still have to enroll in the beta program to be able to get the app.