Google Pay and other mobile payment platforms have probably made your life a little bit easier as you can just leave your cash and cards at home. However, there are of course some information about you and your money that you will have to protect. While there are privacy settings that you can opt in and out of, some have noticed that these privacy settings cannot be accessed on the normal settings page. Google now says this “issue” has been fixed and the privacy settings can be easily found.

The folks over at Bleeping Computer brought people’s attention to the fact that three major privacy settings are not found when you access the settings screen in the regular URL. But if you go to that page using a different URL for some reason, you will now find those privacy settings and you can just tick them on or off if you want to opt in or opt out. Another concern was that they automatically opted you in for those settings.

What are these privacy settings anyway and are they important enough that Google has to put it on the settings page that is easier to see? Well, it’s just settings to let Google share your creditworthiness information to third party companies, allowing your personal information to be used by other Google LLC companies to market to you, and allowing Google to inform a third party merchant if you have a Google Pay account.

So you see how important these privacy settings are for your Google Pay account. Fortunately, Google says that they have fixed the issue and so you can now easily opt out of these privacy settings once you go to the normal settings page. This is as it should have been but for some (obvious) reason they did not do so until they were “caught”.

Before they fixed it, Google said that the reason for this error was because of an issue from their previous software update. Okay, benefit of the doubt, although when it comes to privacy issues, better to err on the side of caution.