Because we’re living in the age of high-res photos and 4K videos, sometimes it really is not enough to stick with your free 15GB storage for all your Google apps and services. That’s why Google is rebranding its expanded cloud storage system to Google One and adding more options for you as well as new features that you can access to help you manage your account. All paid consumer Google Drive storage plans will be upgraded to Google One over the next few months.

You’ll have options from 100GB to 30TB, depending on how heavy you use all your Google apps like Drive, Gmail, Photos, etc. There is now a new storage option, 200GB for $2.99/month while the 2TB is now just at $9.99 per month from its previous price of $19.99 per month. You will now also be able to share your storage space with your family members. You can add up to five Google accounts for your family members to your Google One account so you can simplify your storage under just one bill and share when you need to.

You will also be able to have access to live help from Google experts through Google One. They assume that since you’re paying for storage, it means you’re a heavy user of Google products. You will now have one-tap access to experts on their various consumer products and services through chat, email, and phone and not just an AI chatbot. This was already previously available for business G Suite users but the first time for regular consumers. Well, at least those subscribed to Google One.

They will also be adding more extras for other Google products, like credits on Google Play or special rates for hotels that you found through Google Search. They will start upgrading Google Drive storage subscribers to Google One in the next few months, starting in the U.S.

SOURCE: Google