If you were interested in checking out the new Play Newsstand from Google, now would be a good time to get initiated. For a limited time, many magazines are free or have a reduced price. The range is pretty broad, so you can probably find something you like.

The goal, of course, is to drum up interest for the service in the wake of the re-design. As we pointed out before, there doesn’t seem to be any added content, but what’s on offer is decent. Play Newsstand has most of the popular publications, but not the full breadth offered by other digital media outlets.

Titles are $3.49 or lower, with many being made available free of charge. The bulk of the magazines seem to be at the $0.99 price point, which is quite a savings from the newsstand price. You can save money from the newsstand price by using Newsstand! Now we’re confused.

Keep in mind these are single issues, not subscriptions. You can always choose to buy a subscription after reading, and those are usually quite a savings as well. With everything from Maximum PC to Maxim, and even the New Yorker, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, Newsstand doesn’t have any free news content from traditional publications. We can still enjoy all of our Currents content in the app, but The Wall Street Journal or New York Times remain subscription models.

VIA: Android Police