Google has updated the Google Now website, and it’s impressive. Chock full of animations, and a lot of detail regarding situational uses for Google’s contextual data monster. With Google Now’s presence becoming more important to Android, some new users may not be sure about what it does. The revamped website does an excellent job of explaining.

It also does a wonderful job of showing users what they are getting. For Google Now, a text-based website full of information may not have accurately relayed the message. the card-based interface is a much different animal altogether, and walking people through their new system is a great way to encourage adoption.

The site also runs us through a few scenarios in which we may find Google Now most useful. Leaving work and being updated with the traffic, or an alert to pick up items at the store — when you’re near the store. The site also shows a full listing of the cards you should be seeing.

If Android 4.4 is really coming to a wider swathe of devices (we’ll believe it when we see it), an explanation of what Google Now is might be a good idea. The site also details which partners are on board with Google Now, so you can see just who you should be shopping/making restaurant reservations/buying tickets from.