When you use the Google app, not only do you find the things you’re searching for, you also get things you don’t think you needed to know (but are most likely useful to you). The latest update to the app now streamlines the cards that you receive into two distinct categories: the feed that you get for things that interest you and all your upcoming personal information like calendar appointments, flights, bookings, reservations, etc. If you haven’t been using yet the Google app to access this information, maybe this new organization feature will convince you.

If you don’t have time to go through Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with the latest news about things that interest you, like entertainment or sports or politics, then the Google app would be a good place to see snippets and links on those news. The more you use it, the more it will give you useful and relevant news. And if you want to manually update your interests, then go to the Customize section in the Google app’s settings menu. Google will also be rolling out a card in your feed so you can select the topics that you want to see more of in the future. However it will only be available in the US initially and then other countries later on.

Just toggle on over to your upcoming dashboard if you want to view personal info so you can keep up with all your schedules like appointments, bookings, etc. It will also show you the travel time you will have to undergo to get to specific appointments. Your flight info, boarding pass, delivery information, etc, will all be there so you don’t need to go through your emails.

The update has already rolled out so just check your Google app for these single tap features. Expect more goodies from the tech giant this Christmas and end of the year season.

SOURCE: Google