If you’re looking for information regarding the Olympics, Google Now may be a good place to start. Coming by way of a recent refresh, cards for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are now available. These include easy access to the current medal standings, along with details for the specific events.

The card will be titled “The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics” and it should be sitting up towards the top of your card arrangement. A tap of the card will open things up to how you see them in the screenshots included here in the post. That is to say an option for the current medal standings towards the top and the specific events listed below.

Clicking any of the available options will open up a Google page. To that point, a nicely formatted Google page with plenty of detail. Otherwise, as you scroll down through the events you will also find the “show more” option at the bottom. The card event listings show the event name, the time and some basic details such as whether it is a final, semi-qualification or qualification.


Of course, the option to simply swipe the card away remains just as you would find with other Google Now cards. Lastly, a tap of the three-dot menu will allow you to answer whether or not you are even interested in the Olympics. Bottom line here, whether you are sitting watching the Olympics, or are out and about away from a television, Google Now is a good place to start for details.