Google Now seems to get new features on a regular basis. These new additions aren’t always huge additions, however they do seems like items that will be perks for some users. Having said that, this latest addition seems like it will benefit those who regularly use public transportation.

Google has added an alarm. The alarm will sound at the end of your journey — the time when you need to make your exit. Seems like this could be helpful at times when you happen to be in a large crowd and cannot easily see the route and stops, or for times when you are feeling extra sleepy and fall asleep on the trip. There is few things more annoying than falling asleep and waking up after you pass your stop.

Anyway, the alarm isn’t automatically set, and it does’t appear to be tied in to the regular Android alarm clock setup. The former means you’ll have to pull up Google Now after you begin traveling and tap to active the alarm. The latter means you will not end up having dozens of alarms listed in the regular Clock app.

Of course, this alarm functionality has been added in along with the regular public transportation information. Basically, that is to say you’ll still be seeing details such as how many minutes you have left, the number of stops and the current location (during that journey). Bottom line here, Google Now has gotten another perk dealing with public transportation.

VIA: Android Police