The tech giant seems to be getting more serious with the Google Now services. Why, the Google Now on Tap feature has been revealed to be more powerful, able to navigate between apps, as well as, generate more information about the content in apps. This is a new development in search within apps because more relevant results will come up even without having to conduct a formal search.

The Google Now on Tap’s new feature were shown off at the SMX Paris. Google’s very own Behshad Behzadi demonstrated the new capabilities by asking Google about Stan Wawrinka, a popular Swiss tennis player. He then used “he” to refer to the player but Google was able to understand the pronoun. With Google Chrome, Behzadi also asked about something using a pronoun but Google was still able to know who he is referring to.

While viewing a restaurant card in Google Now, Google’s Tech Lead Manager Behzadi also demonstrated moving between apps. Without starting multiple searches, he was able to search through from Yelp to OpenTable for more information.

The demo also showed location-aware search so Google can recognize a location. When you search and ask about “this restaurant” or “this venue”, Google will know the location immediately and then make suggestions or provide answers based on that information.

All these changes make “Googling” even better and more convenient. More relevant search results are provided at a faster rate because the Google Now on Tap feature can search through and between apps and content. It also makes search engaging to anyone as made possible by touch-to-search, in-app deep-linking, and Now on Tap.

VIA: Search Engine Land