It looks like Google is fulfilling its promise to create a Pinterest-like feature for its image search. Well, sort of. It looks like it’s still in development. But at least it’s there. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, head over to your Google image search or to your Google app on your Android device and you’ll notice that there is a new option to “star” the images that you like and then later on, arrange all these starred images into collections to organize them.

Pinterest has become a hugely popular social network because it acts like a person’s mood board or super organized collection of images that people can look on for certain ideas, inspiration, future pegs, etc. In December of last year, Google launched a feature for US users wherein they can basically do the same thing. But now it seems that it is available for everyone else around the world.

When you do an image search, you will now get the additional option of starring, instead of just downloading the photos. You can then view the saved images when you see the prompt to, well, view saved images. Or you can go to (or whatever local google site you’re using like and you will be able to see and organize the images by sorting them into collections by putting tags on them. Just click on the tag that you want and then you can view the “album”.

However, there is still no sharing option for these saved images and tagged collections. So at best, it is still pretty much a personal image collection for users, rather than a social enterprise like Pinterest. However, if we know Google, that will probably be a future plan as well. Let’s wait and see and in the meantime go crazy starring and tagging pictures.

VIA: AusDroid