For those who are using Google Now as their Android device’s official app launcher, you might want to update your app now if you like rotating your smartphone or tablet a lot. The latest update brings back a feature that was first seen in the previews for Android Marshmallow but was eventually taken out in the final build. The update is only available in beta for now, but you could still use the APK if you’re excited to have it on your device.

When it was still in the preview stage, Android Marshmallow was sporting a nice feature for Google Now, wherein users could set their device to auto-rotate, even the launcher, when you rotate it sideways. But then that feature disappeared by the time the 3rd one came out. But it looks like Google is bringing it back, and hopefully, for good. Once you’ve updated your app, just go to the settings (hamburger menu) and enable auto-rotation. The items on the dock will go to the right side of the screen when you rotate, while the apps and widgets still look the same.

During the update’s initial roll-out, users also noticed that there was icon normalization, which resized the app icons to make them look more organized. But that feature may have not been meant to go live yet as it has now “disappeared” from the Google Now update. Hopefully though, it will show up in a later release, especially for those who are very particular that all app icons be of the same size.

The update is available through an APK but it is signed by Google. But if you don’t trust that, you’ll have to wait for Google to push the update through the store.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google