One of the things that Google has been doing in terms of making search results better is letting people have access to information, right from the results page itself. You don’t have to open a site to get the information that you need because it’s already there out in the open. Things like currency conversion, finding your IP address and even the political views of those running for President. The latest things that you can find on the results page is an RGB-to-Hex color converter.

For those who are not familiar with those two terms, they’re actually ways of identifying a color to a computer. RGB values show a color as a combination of red, green, and blue, hence the name. Hex uses hexadecimal notation to show off a color. For example, the color white is #FFFFFF in hex and 255, 255, 255 in RGB. This may sound gibberish or pointless to us ordinary human beings, but for designers, this is a pretty important thing to know.

Starting now, when you search for a hex value, it will give you an RGB value, and vice versa. There is also an entire palate of colors and if you want to know the values of these colors, just choose the shade that you want, and then it will show you not just the RGB and the Hex, but all other values like HSV, HSL, CMYK. Again, this is important for designers to know at times, and it’s good that the information is now just one or two clicks away.

The RGB-to-Hex color converter can be seen in both the mobile and desktop versions of Google Search. No need to update anything, all the information is already there if you search for it.

VIA: Reddit