More than just a fancy new way to present search results, Google Now puts an emphasis on the “now” and offers relevant and timely information about the things that matter to you, when and where you need it. With this latest update, Google Now becomes even more useful by giving users a load of new information that focuses on keeping them up-to-date with the latest news and topics.

In this new update, Google Now gains three new cards that revolve around keeping track of updates. The News topic card brings in news on topics that Google has analyzed to be important to you. The Website update card functions pretty much like an RSS reader, notifying you of the latest posts on your favorite blogs. What to watch card offers recommendations on movies and TV shows, but narrows down the list to those showing near your location.


But the update isn’t limited to these three cards. There are also cards that inform you of the traffic situation on your commute, via data gathered from the newly-integrated Waze. There are also real-time information for rugby scores and even for packages from deliveries.


Google Now is bundled together with the Google Search app on Android and should be rolling out to devices that have it installed. If not, you can always download it from the link below.

[UPDATE] It seems that the update to Google Search also includes the foundations for the so-called Google Experience Launcher, now available for devices running Android 4.1 and higher. You still, however, need to download and install the Android 4.4 launcher from here, but at least that’s just one unofficial APK to worry about.

Download: Google Search on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Google
VIA: Android Police


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