The “transformation of Android Messages to Messages under the Google branding is almost complete. You can now access the web version of Messages on instead of the previous, although the latter is still available. This is part of the suspected continuous process of re-branding apps and services from Android to more Google-centric names and even their UI and UX. In addition, some more RCS next-generation messaging features are also now available in the web version.

Previously, when Google brought the Messages app to the web, it was branded under Android since it was previously called Android Messages. But when they eventually changed it to just Messages, we figured out it was only a matter of time until we would get a new URL for it as well. Currently, since this is a server-side change, people aren’t being re-directed to the new one just yet so it means you can still use either URL. The re-direction will probably happen once the rollout is complete.

Messages supports RCS, the new standard that lets you send multimedia messages, read receipts, and other features that other more robust messaging apps have. There is now an advanced section in the Messages for Web settings which lets you activate some options related to RCS, including enabling and disabling it, typing indicators, read receipts, etc.

One thing to look forward to Messages is Google’s previous announcement that they are bringing Google Assistant to the app. We’re seeing early adaptations things already but eventually we’ll see suggestions about movies, restaurants, weather among other things.

SOURCE: Messages