If you’re one of the first Android users who have received the first wave of the minor update from Google Now, you’ve probably noticed that huge letter G in your notifications bar every time you get an update from the launcher. While nothing much has actually changed because of this, it’s just part of Google’s efforts to make their brand more visible in devices, as if they need any further branding on your smartphone or tablet.

Previously, when you had a notification from Google Now, it was just a simple circle with an icon in the middle. But now, they’ve made it into the newest version of Google’s G logo. So what’s the point of this update? Nothing really, except as branding for your device, to make sure that you remember you’re receiving an update from a Google service, just in case you tend to forget. Other than that, there isn’t actually any effect on the service itself.

For ordinary, non-marketing people, this might seem like a pretty useless exercise. But for Google, this is pretty important, especially now that there are a lot of other apps and services that are offering similar features that Google Now brings you. Although if you are an Android and Google purist, you would still want the “original” of course. And Google doesn’t want you to forget that.

The update is from Google’s server itself, so it will probably come in waves. Just wait for it to get to you and make sure that your Google Now app is always updated, if you want to see that big G logo in your notifications.

VIA: SlashGear