We have seen signs that Google Now was heading to Chrome, however this latest bit has arrived with little room for speculation. Basically, a Google Now extension has shown up for Chromium users. The one catch, the extension is not yet functional. Trying to stay on the positive side though, this does appear to be a fairly clear sign that Google Now support is coming to the desktop.

While we generally focus on Android and the mobile side here, the desktop support for Google Now should bring an connection between the two sides. We already see some of that connection with Google searches from the desktop showing up on the mobile side. This of course, would go in the opposite direction and have Google Now cards showing up in the browser.

Anyway, despite this extension being found within Chromium, it cannot be used just yet and so far we have yet to see anything official from Google in terms of when it may be arriving. On the mobile side, or should we say the future mobile side, we are expecting Google Now to be a big feature for Google Glass. Maybe we can begin looking at Google Now as the connection between the three platform types.

Some of that thought goes back to comments made by Matias Duarte when he spoke with our sister site SlashGear. Duarte spoke about how Google Now has the potential to be the new Android home screen. He further noted that Now is a “kind of new paradigm” where it takes the opposite approach from the current start screens where you have to make all the decisions. We will see where this all ends up connecting, but for now it looks like Google Now is now one step closer to being available for any and all to use.

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