Google Now has yet another easter egg built in, this time taking on a SciFi classic. When you say “Beam me up, Scotty” to Google Now, you’ll be met with a terrible accent and a familiar catch phrase. Hearing “I cannot do it, Captain. I do not have the power” in an automated, Scottish brogue is — interesting.

This revelation comes after some clever folks found that “OK, Jarvis” could be used to launch Google Now’s voice commands, and some Dr. Who love baked in. The code name for Google Now was Majel, which was Gene Roddenberry’s wife. Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek, and Majel is his wife, who was also the voice for of the ship in the original series.

Initially, Google Now gave static results in a less-than-personable tone. While the voice is still robotic, it at least gives some interesting results to off-base questions. There were some really obscure results prior to this, but those were most likely the result of internal errors at Google, since they were removed shortly after being found.

In addition to being a touch faster than Siri, Google Now is also a little funnier at this point. While Siri may give the odd, snarky response, it’s not quite as interesting as some of the easter eggs we’ve been seeing pop up lately. We hope there is more to come, too.