There are some things that you need to remind yourself to do everyday, like call your mom, write down your to-do list for the day, or drink your vitamins and medicine. Then there are those that you don’t need to do everyday, but also not just for today or tomorrow, but every once in a while, like get a haircut, clean your room or okay, call your mom. Google Now has added an “occasionally” option for moments like this.

In the latest Google Now update, the “occasionally” button has been added, together with the today, tomorrow and set date options previously available when creating reminders. If you choose that new option, your reminder cards will be located at the top of your stack and you can choose to dismiss or set it to another schedule when you’ve figured out when you actually want to be reminded about it. However, it doesn’t specifically say when that occasionally is and there is no setting yet to set those occasional reminders.

The beauty of this option is that it now allows you to set reminders that are task-specific and not necessarily bound by time. Of course, you might already have one or two productivity apps that already fulfil this task, but there is something about the ease of saying “Ok Google” and then dictating what task you want to be reminded of and then seeing it in a card on your Google Now page.


Some users may not have this option available yet as they are seemingly slowly rolling out the update (maybe someone forgot to set the occasional reminder to update all users) for what reason, we have no idea. Some reports are saying that it is already available in some regions, but we also don’t have any news as to the scheduled roll-out of this feature.

VIA: Android Police