Chances are, you’re probably not using Google Now to its fullest potential (unless you really have been exploring it lately). The latest update has brought even more functionalities that you can take advantage of as you use it as your personal digital assistant. Gizmodo gave us a list of 9 voice commands that you can give to your smartphone, as long as you have the latest version of Google Now installed on your Android device.

If you’re getting tired of manually toggling your WiFi and Bluetooth on and off, Google Now can actually do it for you, as long as you tell it to “turn wifi off” or “turn Bluetooth on” and vice versa. Same goes with the flashlight feature, which you can turn on and off just by a voice command, making it handy for times when you actually can’t find your phone in the dark. You can also do other simple tasks like set alarms and change brightness volumes and levels.

Google Now can also accept commands for opening apps and even websites, as long as the URL is something easy for your digital assistant to understand (and you to speak too). You can also command it to play music and if you say the exact words “play music”, it will bring you to the “I’m feeling lucky” option in Google Play Music. If you want it to open a specific app, say “play music in…” and then say the music app, like Spotify, Pandora, etc.

You can also read out your SMS and even reply to them, which will of course be important if your hands are busy at the time. You can also call and text your contacts during those times, like when you’re driving. If you say “open camera”, it will launch the camera, but if you say “record a video”, it will launch in video mode. If you say “take a photo”, it will bring up a list of apps that can take photos from your camera. These are just some of the things that Google Now can do for you, and you can choose to explore it to discover some more.

SOURCE: Gizmodo