Just last month, Google shared that they were finally giving users more controls on what to do with the Location History that we give them whenever we use any of their location-based products. Now we’re finally getting the official roll out so you can finally have an auto delete of the data every few months or so instead of manually deleting things whenever you remember to or just choosing not to turn on the data collection at all. The roll out started June 27 so you may have it already on your Android device.

Of course as we mentioned, you can always just toggle off the data collection for your Location History but there are times when that will impede some of the functions of apps like Google Maps. Data privacy is such a hot button topic right now and so people might be conflicted about whether or not to share their personal data with Google.

Back in May, Google said they are bringing more control options for those users that choose to opt-in for that. You can now choose to keep them for 18 months or for 3 months. After that period, any data saved before that will be automatically deleted and then it will be on an “ongoing basis”.

To activate it, go to your Google Account’s My Activity section and then tap on the “choose to delete automatically” option in the Location History section. You can then choose either 3 months or 18 months for your automatic deletion cycle. But you can still choose to delete it manually which is the default setting of anyone who turned on location history.

And if you have already decided you don’t want to turn any data gathering options, Yu can always just toggle it off on all the various data collection settings. However, you have to do it one by one as there’s not just one button to push.