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Some Chinese developers haven’t fully optimized their apps on Google Play because the Internet giant has not allowed them to list their paid apps. But that will soon change as Google finally allowed the Chinese geeks to offer paid apps and in-app purchases to more than 130 countries. Just recently, Google added more countries with Developer and Google Wallet Merchant registrations. It’s finally coming to China which means developers can start selling their apps to majority of the Android users spread out in 130 countries.

Previously, only free apps can be listed by Chinese Google developers. This is a great development because it only shows Google is becoming more open to a lot people. It’s not really surprising because China is considered an emerging market. The more products are being manufactured in China, the more the country is progressing. It’s definitely a huge market and Google has yet to prove itself there even if it’s already taken over most of the world. You see, Google and the government of China have been fighting for year about different issues. Maybe it’s time Google forgets about them and offer more support. At the same time, we also hope that the Chinese government officials be more gracious with Google.

If you’re an Android developer in China, you can visit to register as a developer. You can submit your apps, sell them, and offer in-app products to make some money. But first, you need to have a Google Wallet merchant account. Feel free to set prices on the apps and wait for people to download and try your apps. Hope that you’ll earn not just hundreds to thousands but millions if you think your app is too awesome.

SOURCE: Android Developers