Google Now has been updated, and this latest is dealing with the airport cards. Moving forward, not only will Google be pulling your flight details from email, but they will also be providing you will some guidance in terms of when you should be leaving. You know, so you don’t miss your flight.

The new setup for the airport cards will offer a “leave home by” time. Perhaps more important here, these cards will also allow you to do a bit of customizing. This includes the necessary basics such as where you are leaving from, how you will be getting to the airport, and how early you want to arrive.


This all then ties in with navigation. The how you will be getting there portion touches on whether you will be driving, or taking public transportation. Or possibly for those staying in an airport hotel location, whether or not you will be walking over to the airport. Additionally, the where you are leaving from portion will help you accurately calculate the time needed for the trip to the airport. This bit could potentially come in handy for times when you have an errand or two before you head off to the airport.

Bottom line here, Google is simply making it harder for you to miss your flight. Actually using this new card setup will be similar to the past. By that, we mean Google will still be pulling your flight details from email. But moving forward, instead of only having details for the flight itself — you will also be getting the pre-flight details. The main difference here is that you now have a few extra clicks for the customizing.

SOURCE: Google+