Google‘s voice search and Google Now feature sure is impressive, and they’ve been adding features and updating it at a pretty rapid pace. We already knew they were planning things like adding airline boarding passes to the growing list, but today their automatic boarding pass system just went live. Google shared the news today on Twitter as well as released a neat new video.

The recent Google Now update allowed the search app and Google Now cards to search and display relevant content from places like your Gmail, and today they took it a step further. Once enabled (optional) Google Now will find flight confirmations and add them to the notification bar as expected, but today’s push enables Google to automatically create a digital boarding pass too.

Essentially for the select airlines that are currently offering this option (Google didn’t mention which airlines) you’ll have a digital boarding pass already created, ready, and waiting for you. Just simply get through those pesky airline security checkpoints and you’re set. Check in online and you’re done. No printing boarding passes, no lines, nothing. Google’s done it all and simply let the gate scan the QR code-type digital boarding pass. Pretty simple as long as your battery doesn’t die.

As mentioned above, the service is currently available only for select airlines, not to mention you’ll need to be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above to enjoy Google Now. Over time we’re expecting plenty more to be added, so for now we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll be sure to test this on a few upcoming flights and report back if all goes well. Here’s to hoping US Airways and Southwest is supported.