As we all know, all the rumors and speculation around the so-called Google Phone – which now we know is named Nexus One – have taken a wild fire-like turn. And now, there are more pictures, as the one below, comparing it to a T-Mobile G1.

The picture above comes to us via BGR, and shows you how thin is this new Android smartphone compared to the G1. Obviously, many smartphones out there are thinner than the G1, but hey, it’s all good. No word on how thin it actually is, but we believe it must be around 10mm thick. They also say it has a crisp, high resolution display, which it has to be, AMOLED displays are better than LCDs.

You will find two more pictures of this great looking phone running Android 2.1, as well as a video with the boot animation for it. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments area what you like/dislike about this awesome looking smartphone. Enjoy!