Here we go again with the Google Nexus One, as you already know, it is schedule to go to Vodafone by Spring. British carrier Vodafone has confirmed the arrival within the next few weeks, of the New Android device to Britain, with France and Germany likely to follow.

According to a Vodafone spokesperson, the group plans to sell the Nexus One in France, Germany and other European countries this year. Vodafone UK have a FAQ for the Google Nexus One, we don’t see any groundbreaking news, but it’ll help in some extent those future superphone owners across the pond.

The same Vodafone spokesperson said:

I can confirm that Vodafone is the first operator to partner with Google to offer the Nexus One in Europe, starting soon in the UK, in a few short weeks. No detail on pricing and precise timing has yet been made, but that will come in a few weeks.
Our agreement with Google stretches beyond Europe — all Vodafone’s geographies — and over time we will be working to provide offers in other Vodafone operating countries.

Apparently, Vodafone rival; O2 is interested on the Android 2.1 handset too, when asked about the Nexus One handset, a spokesperson said: “We have been following Google’s announcement with interest”. She also said that they will continue to review and refresh their products to meet the demands of their subscribers.


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