Some more rumors are hitting the wires today about Google’s upcoming Nexus Tablet. We’ve been hearing details and rumors for a few months now but today we might have caught a break. Some photos have appeared on Picasa hinting that the device is indeed real, and snapping photos from inside Google’s headquarters.

The photo is only of the ceiling and certainly isn’t exciting but you can see it from the gallery below. The important thing here is the EXIF data attached to said photo reveals all sorts of details. This same method tipped off the Google Nexus S a few years back, and even phones like the DROID Bionic from last year, so this is nothing new. The device is being called the ASUS Nexus 7, and took some pictures on June 7th and 13th and uploaded to Picasa by what appears to be a Google employee. The pictures location was building 44 of Google HQ.

Now all of this can be faked, but this has been a way we’ve learned of devices more than a few times in the past and seems very realistic and accurate. The photo was scaled down, but reveals enough to certainly tip out interest. We’ve seen leaked photos, benchmarks, and multiple rumors suggesting this quad-core 7-inch Nexus tablet will be announced at Google I/O shortly this month, and hit the streets for $199 in July. Stay tuned for more details and read up on everything mentioned above from the timeline of links below.

Who’s excited to see Google’s rumored 7-inch Nexus tablet? I know I am!

[via The Verge]