By now, you’ve probably already heard the whispers that claim Google and Samsung will be bringing us a new Nexus 10 tablet. In short, this new tablet is said to be one of the most advanced tablets we’ve seen yet (at least as far as display is concerned) and it definitely sounds like something to get excited excited about. If a new report from CNET is anything to go on, it’ll be out sooner than most of us were thinking too.

CNET says that the Google Nexus 10 will be out in the first half of 2013. 2013, in case you haven’t noticed, is just a couple of months away, so it may not be long before we’re enjoying our shiny new Nexus 10s. As exciting as that is, though, it’s important that we take this report with a grain of salt, mostly because CNET doesn’t say where it’s getting this “first half of next year” launch window from. Also, keep in mind that the tablet itself hasn’t been confirmed yet, let alone a launch date.

In order for Google and Samsung to meet that first half of 2013 launch window, Samsung is going to have to ramp up production on the displays that will grace the Nexus 10. They’re said to sport a higher resolution than any tablet currently on the market – the expected 2,560×1,600 resolution of the Nexus 10 would put it ahead of the third-gen iPad and the Kindle Fire HD, bringing it neck and neck with the resolution of the rumored 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Producing that kind of display on a mass scale isn’t going to be easy for Samsung, so be don’t be surprised if the Nexus 10 doesn’t make this suspected launch window.

Still, if there’s one company that can put up the funds to get these displays mass produced as quickly as possible, it’s probably Google. For now, however, we’ll have to play the waiting game – after all, before Google can begin talking about release dates, it has to announce the Nexus 10 first. We’re still missing that announcement, but if Google wants to have the Nexus 10 on shelves as early as CNET suggests, the big G’s reveal should be coming soon.