We are seeing more and more tablet friendly updates rolling out. In fact, it was just a few minutes back when we mentioned the availability of the updated New York Times app. And yes, that update brought a tablet friendly user interface. Moving past the New York Times though, we are now looking towards Google and the improved Google News experience.

Keep in mind, the changes here are web based as opposed to being an app. You will see these by navigating to news.google.com from your tablet. Regardless of web or app, the positive news is that Google News is being improved for those browsing on a tablet — with Google focusing on the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7. According to Google, these changes will be rolling out for those in the US over the “next few days.”

Google notes that reading Google News on a tablet will now feel “even more natural and fluid on tablet devices.” This comes due to the addition of gestures for easier navigation and a bit more space between stories. While we wait for these to come available on your device, lets get into the specifics for each.

The gestures include being able to swipe horizontally to switch between sections and tapping the “Explore in depth” link to get additional story information such as other articles and/or images. As for the addition space between articles, this should just clean up the overall look, making it look a bit less cluttered and hopefully a bit harder to miss something of interest.

[via Google News Blog]