As a lot of tech brands have been discovering the past years, not all are created equal when it comes to the speed of the Internet, whether mobile data or WiFi. And you can’t let those “on the margins” get left behind in this information and entertainment driven online world. That’s why Google is now introducing four new core features for its Google News service so that people can have access to the information they bring, regardless of Internet speed.

Google News expanded its service just last May to reach 127 countries and 65 languages. Now they’re making sure that you’ll still be able to use it regardless of what device you’re using or what connection you’re using to access the Internet. They want to meet the needs of all kinds of consumers, especially those with “lighter connections” like those with Android Go Edition devices.

The first core feature is opening the videos on YouTube Go when applicable, ensuring a “lightweight yet clear format). More importantly, said videos will not auto-play automatically so as to save your data. The second feature is that newscasts, or those previews you see of a story, will now be more text-focused rather than rich media-focused. Again the aim is to save data when you’re using your device’s data connection.

The third new thing that will help you save data is to compress the images and having the option to fully load them if you want to. Because of this, less data will be cached and saved. Lastly, most of the articles can be saved for later reading, especially in off-line mode. The content will be downloaded over WiFi so you can read it later.

These four core features will start rolling out for Google News users over the next few weeks. It will turn on automatically and you don’t need to toggle on or activate something.

SOURCE: Google