FCC filings are a pretty good source to see what’s coming up for OEMs even though some of these never see the light of day. Google has seemingly passed a mystery new “Wireless Streaming Device”and because details are sparse, the speculation has begun. There are those who believe this is a new Chromecast model while there are those that say it’s an addition to the newly-announced Nest cameras and doorbells. Either way, we will probably find out what it is in a few months if they ever get to release it.

Android Police believes that this is a new Chromecast model because of the timing of the filing. The Chromecast with Google TV which was announced late last year actually passed through the FCC in the same month. That time it was listed as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device”. This time around we’re seeing a “Wireless Streaming Device” which doesn’t really say anything. There is just an FCC ID and a Model Number GJQ9T which doesn’t really say what kind of device it is.

9 to 5 Google meanwhile thinks it’s not a Chromecast device because the word streaming doesn’t really mean media streaming of music, movies, or games. It can refer to a video sent from one device to another through the Internet or a local network. They also pointed out that the same day this FCC listing appeared, Google announced their new Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam devices. There were four devices launched but there were only three relevant listings at the FCC for approval.

The current FCC filing is also similar to a filing made last March except the newer one doesn’t mention a battery. So what they’re concluding is that this is just another piece of the Nest Cameras lineup for later this year. It is either the Nest Cam (Wired) or the Nest Floodlight which will be shipping later than the battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell. This means we may not get a new Chromecaast device just yet.

Hopefully, we’ll find out more about this “mystery device” in the next few months especially when the other Nest devices start shipping. If and when we get a new Chromecast device, some users are hoping it has more processing power and storage than the current Chromecaast with Google TV.


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