The Google My Tracks app is one that can keep track of your data while out and about. The app promises to be able to keep track of your path, speed, distance and elevation while you are walking, running, biking or driving. While the app has been around for some time now, a recent update has made the app a bit smarter. Well, smarter along with some other improvements.

As far as getting smarter, the app is now able to automatically detect how you are traveling — such as walking, biking or driving. While that aspect alone sounds good enough there was also another perk that frequent My Tracks users will likely welcome. This update also brings better accuracy and battery improvements due to what Google refers to as a “new location provider.”


In addition, My Tracks also received a new stats view and users can now select multiple tracks and also merge tracks and play them in Google Earth. There was also a new landscape view added within the app. This update aside, the My Tracks app still has some of the core features that likely brought users in the first place.

Those not familiar with this app may not realize that My Tracks allows you to view the data live, annotate your paths and also hear voice announcements detailing your progress. This all may sound familiar with some other health and fitness activity trackers, however there is also the Google integration to consider with My Tracks.

Google allows users to sync and share their tracks in Google Drive and easily share over Google+. The tracks can also be exported to other Google properties including Google Maps, Google Fusion Tables and Google Spreadsheets. Of course, you can also export to external storage and share to other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

SOURCE: Google Play Store