The “Google Maps is more than just a navigation app” makeover train continues to chug along. The Google My Business app has recently updated its tools and it includes letting businesses put up welcome offers to attract new customers. This will show up not just on their Google My Business pages but also on Google Maps. These new features actually position Maps and My Business pages as a sort of competition to Facebook Pages for businesses with a physical location.

For the past years, Google Maps has been a place where you can search for businesses near you or in a place where you’re going to, and it has most of the information that you need right on that page, including store hours, contact numbers (you can call them directly from the app), what time is busiest, customer reviews, posts from the business, etc. People can also follow you on Maps so they’ll be updated once you make any changes or new posts.

The latest update to Google My Business now lets you display welcome offers to entice people to follow or actually visit your place of business. You can also now add and prominently display images much easier with a new module on your company profile. In future updates, you will also be able to add photo captions for the pictures you upload.

The update also brings more prominent logos, setting preferred profile cover photo, and even launching a new website so that businesses can businesses can create stickers, posters, social posts, and other marketing collaterals. You can add reviews and customer followings in a more stylized fashion on your profile.

If you have a company on Google My Business, check out the updated app to enjoy these new features. If it’s not showing up yet, wait for the update to eventually reach you.


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