Is it just us or does it seem like Google is having a sale on music on a daily basis? Every time you head to the Play Store you’ll be greeted with a few new albums for $3.99 and sometimes even less. This time around the sales are impressive though. Their Amazon approach offering free daily songs, good deals, and low prices should hopefully be helping Google Play Music grow. Today they’ve announced a new “Flash Sale” offering fall classics for just $2.99 per album.

Like we said above, Google’s been busy putting up great deals and sales for music almost weekly. However, today they just dropped us a quick note in our inbox that they’ve got a whole slew of deals where you can get entire albums for $2.99, and many for just $3.99 too. Sure beats $1.29 per song that iTunes is asking right?

The image above is just 4 of around 50 deals going on right now. Sadly I already own the first three listed or I’d get them. Oh and if you don’t have Makaveli and are a 2Pac fan — you should certainly snag that deal. For sure! If those few choices don’t do it for you musically, they’ve got about 50 entire albums on sale for $2.99 so surely you’ll find something you like.

If 2Pac and Rap music isn’t your style, don’t worry because Google has you covered. They’ve also got some U2, Beck, David Bowe, Pink Floyd (yes please), Toby Keith, Stevie Wonder, Fun., Sting for all you Poison fans and more. Google’s seriously offering a pretty wide variety here. It’s hard to say no to awesome music deals when it costs less than a Starbucks — music lasts forever folks!

Google Play Music Fall Sale Link