Since the launch of Google Music we haven’t heard much and it still is currently in beta. Now Google aims to flex some of that music muscle because they have just launched a new blog called Magnifier. The music blog will not only have future Google Music updates but will also highlight new and upcoming artists, give away free music and be a place people can find new and upcoming music they’d never usually find.

Each and every day the blog will feature new exciting and unique music and you will be able to instantly download the music free to your Google Music collection with the easy to see and use “add free music” button. Best part of this entire thing is all of the music is free and wont cost you a thing, and its legal. From video interviews and more the Magnifier Blog will have all the content you can imagine for music lovers.

Don’t worry because if you miss a day and later realize they had some awesome music featured you can still get it free too so you will always have access to the featured artists. It appears they are focused mainly on showing new and interesting artists and getting the content out for free, the blog is a pretty basic and nice design so users should be able to easily navigate. They also have a free “song of the day” as well as links to Google’s free song archive on the bottom right.

While it may not be the best stuff I’ve heard, My Morning Jacket who Google has listed are actually pretty cool, if you like their sound you should also check out Band of Horses.

[via Magnifier Blog]