If you’ve been looking for an excellent all-in-one solution to your musical needs, Google Music All Access has you covered. The service that delivers your own personal cloud of music, up to 20,000 songs, radio stations like Pandora, and access to millions of songs on-demand like Spotify. Announced in May at Google I/O this is a reminder that their introductory price is about to end.

Google Music All Access has become my go-to music solution on Android, and my PC. At Google I/O the folks from Mountain View announced the new service, and it now competes with Spotify, iTunes Radio (see our comparison) and more. All Access will run users $9.99 per month, but if you hurry you can lock in the lower price.

An introductory price of only $7.99 per month was announced by Google. And if you sign up for All Access at $7.99 a month you’ll enjoy that low price for all your music needs. However, starting on July 1st the intro price will be ending, and users will be required to pay $9.99 instead.

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Google reminded us over on Twitter this morning, and we figured a quick shout out was in order so you can all enjoy endless music just as we are enjoying. I won’t be playing that new Kanye West album, but to each his own. All Access has continued to impress me the more I use it. Constantly creating new stations that interest me, or suggesting songs I find quite good.

As a reminder, you’ll get the first month free no matter what, then you have to pay. Get in as an early adopter now (before the end of June) and save $2 bucks a month in the process. Music aficionados will want to give it a try from the link below.

VIA: Google Music


  1. Please for the love of everything that’s music I would never listen to Kane west or jay z, they all suck. I’m rocking to iron Maiden and deep purple on Google music. It’s the greatest thing ever. I have the note 2 and I won’t be downloading j zs new crap. But I will keep rockingto all these classics iI’ve missed in life.


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