The Google Cast extension for the Chrome browser is getting better and better, with Google exerting more effort to improve this aspect of its screen and tab casting to the Chromecast device. The beta extension now allows users to dictate minimum and maximum bitrates, capture framerates and the usage of an experimental 1080p stream cast.

Bitrate is usually measured in “kbps”, with the minimum setting dictating what value Cast can scale down to when there’s congestion on the network. Lower values will result in reduced visual quality, but will help avoid stuttering. The maximum bitrate setting does the opposite of course, setting the maximum value Cast can scale up if it sees that your network bandwith can take it.


The “maximum capture frame rate” setting will tell Cast how many frames to capture per second. Normal browsing and file viewing is usually at 30fps. Games are playable at 60fps, but there’s very little content on a browser that needs 60fps. If you encounter something like that, this setting is where you control it.

Lastly, resolution can now be set higher than the usual 1280×720. If your host device can hack casting at 1920×1080, that option is available via the settings on this beta Cast extension. How do you get this? You will need to uninstall your current Cast extension for a while. Install Chrome Beta from here, and then download Google Cast (Beta) via the Chrome Web Store here. Remember, this is all experimental at the moment, so make sure to help out and report any bugs you may discover.

VIA: Ausdroid