Yesterday the folks from Google teamed up with the co-stars from Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and held a Google+ hangout session. It was hosted by the one and only Conan O’Brien to debut the official trailer for their brand new movie. It isn’t Google’s movie but it’s what many are now calling the “Google Movie” and both stars will be playing interns at Google.

We mentioned this back last week and gave additional details, but for those that missed it this is what to expect. A pure comedic experience with these two awesome stars playing next to each other again, and they’ll be the oldest interns looking for a job at Google. In the usual out of control, rude and crude comedy they’re known for, this movie actually looks pretty good.

The camera crew took over the Google headquarters in California for days and days of filming, and we’ll get to see an inside look at just how amazing it is to work at Google. They’ve long been considered one of the best companies to work for in the world, so I’m excited to see it all in theaters. Here’s the official debut trailer for the “Google Movie” which is called The Internship:

Instead of Wedding Crashers we get Google Crashers, and it looks awesome. If you’re wondering if this will even come close to being as funny as Wedding Crashers here’s what the stars had to say during their Google+ hangout regarding their humor and chemistry on screen.

“It takes a half a day to get those rhythms and chemistry percolating,” and that “We kind of picked up where we left off.”

Everything from Google’s driverless cars, ping pong during lunch breaks with amazing food choices, and everything else you’d expect from one of the most rewarding a fun jobs available is all in the film. We’ll be enjoying all the blue, green, yellow, and red colors of Google’s headquarters throughout the entire film. The movie was directed by “Night at the Museums” Shawn Levy so we’re hopeful that this will be another classic comedy.